Our Services

We will:

Innovate: our teaching techniques and learning engender a strong sense of curiosity and encourage the children to experiment and guide their own learning.

Collaborate: by fostering a culture whereby every member of the Montessori House community works together for the benefit of the children.

As a result, our pupils succeed both inside and outside of the classroom.

It is critical that pupils at the school achieve the very highest standards both academically and socially. We have developed our own school ethos which we share with staff, pupils and parents:

To provide our children with the opportunities to achieve their academic potential within an environment where they feel valued, fulfilled, confident and emotionally secure.

To achieve our ethos we must:

  • Make the welfare and safety of our pupils our priority, by providing well-developed and effective systems of pastoral care which nurture a sense of belonging and provide support for each individual
  • Develop compassion, tolerance, empathy and cooperation in our children
  • Encourage children to try their best and not be content to give less
  • Promote academic excellence by offering first class teaching and by encouraging our children to aim high and to develop curiosity and independent learning
  • Help prepare our children for life at their next school and as future citizens

Based at The Bill Reeve Pavilion, we will be offering a holistic and pedagogic service that follows the ethos of Maria Montessori.

The Director and Practitioner, Aylin Onsu, is qualified as a teacher in both Turkey and the United Kingdom, as well as being accredited by the Montessori Centre International after graduating at the top of her class. Aylin now has years of experience in Montessori education and facilitated her previous school of employment achieving OUTSTANDING status from OFSTED.

The Company Secretary is a Bachelor of Arts in Educational Studies and has been working in State and private education for six years.