The Nursery Day

Our days are planned to ensure the children enjoy a holistic and inspiring learning experience by applying the Montessori Method of education to the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Children need to learn to understand change, however a structured day allows us to implement Maria Montessori’s ethos of learning through play. Play is an integrating mechanism in children’s learning; combining social, emotional, sensory, linguistic and physical development. Therefore our structure will allow learners to spend time focusing upon certain elements of their development whilst preparing them for the far more regimented routines of primary schools. Children can then choose from a large range of core learning experiences that are always available to them as part of a constant provision.


All children are creative and competent learners, therefore we believe that children need time to develop and follow their own intrinsically motivated interests to explore their ideas in more depth. Our focused activities are specifically designed to extend their learning and interests, thereby developing skills and knowledge to make connections with their unique learning experience at Fluppet’s Montessori. These activities will also be designed to suit the children’s individual needs, levels of development and current interests. The EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) curriculum will inform our plans and learners will be invited to engage in activities that build on their current level of ability and knowledge.

Spending time outside in natural surroundings and fresh air is essential for all children. Our superb location enables our learners to use our outdoor play area and enjoy supervised time outside the nursery to incorporate aspects of Steiner and Forest school ideology. This gives the children an opportunity to participate in outdoor learning to encourage their innate desire to explore and investigate the natural world around them.


The children will always sit down to eat breakfast, snack, lunch and tea in ‘family’ groups. We will always sit with them, leading by example, encouraging them to try new things, teaching about nutrition and supp

orting them as they learn independence and table manners. This gives us another opportunity to converse and reflect with the children upon the events and activities of their day


Session Times:

We offer a number of different sessions from 8am to 6pm:

Full Day – 8am to 6pm – including breakfast, elevenses, lunch, a fruit /veg snack and then afternoon tea!

School Day – 9am to 3pm – including elevenses, lunch and a fruit/veg snack



 Our annual calendar to be sent to the parents via email by September of that year. An example calendar is as follows:

Term / Holiday First Day Last Day
Christmas Holidays 20 December 2021  04 January 2022
Easter Holidays N/A N/A
Summer Holidays 8 August 2022 01 September 2022