Partnership With Parents

We will carefully document your child’s development and progress which will be recounted by verbal feedback on a daily basis and we encourage attendance of pre-scheduled meetings biannually.  The purpose of these meetings will be to inform yourselves of your child’s progress in regard to the Montessori curriculum and the Early Learning Goals of the foundation stage.

Extended learning at home would be very much encouraged – anything from academic matters and nurturing curiosity to toilet training.

We actively encourage parents and carers to participate in events at the nursery and also invite parents and carers to come along and chat to the learners about their own jobs and hobbies.

We respect the role that you parents play as the most important individuals in your children’s lives; therefore we want to develop a close working relationship so that we are constantly meeting the needs of both your child and yourself at this very significant stage of their development.

We encourage parents to be aware of aims, policies and procedures. Our open door policy encourages parents to share information with us and vice versa.