Montessori at Fluppet’s

The Montessori Method is a comprehensive educational approach that inspires a lifelong love of learning through observations of children’s needs in a variety of cultures.

The Montessori environment contains specifically designed, equipment “that invites individuals to engage in learning activities of their choice”. Under the guidance of a trained practitioner, children in a Montessori classroom learn by making discoveries with available materials, cultivating concentration, motivation, self-discipline, and a love of learning.


Montessori materials are unique, beautiful, mainly wooden or natural and carefully crafted by experts. We aim to introduce the child to practical life skills using a vast range of materials specially designed to develop the learner’s dexterity and muscle control. We assist the children in developing gross and fine motor skills utilising Montessori Sensory apparatus.  This prepares the learner not only for writing at a later stage but also answers to the child’s pleas to “help me to help myself”, thus encouraging further independence and confidence.

We introduce the children to numbers and letters indirectly through everyday activities; the letters of the alphabet are taught phonetically using a range of specially designed materials, as are numbers and early mathematics. Later, as the children begin to read and write, we combine our Montessori Method with the EYFS Curriculum to create a hybrid process that can apply the Montessori Method to the contemporary education system. We aim to have all learners to exceed or match the required levels in Numeracy, Literacy and Reading for their reception year.

We provide a range multicultural activities to enhance the child’s perception of the world and all who live on it, by using real life images of people, places and costumes from a diverse mixture of cultures. Children are introduced to geography through the use of globes, puzzle maps and an introduction to flags from around the world.

The foundational objectives of Montessori Method of education and fundamental aims of Fluppet’s are to sow the seeds of curiosity that will fuel lifelong learning. Learners’ welfare is paramount, we will provide a holistic, secure and comfortable environment in which the learner can follow their ‘inner teacher’ and develop at their own pace at a time when their mind is at its most absorbent.